Just Keep Swimming

Let the rhythm of the water set you free! If you attended the Aqua Fitness Party sponsored by Alcovy Fitness on June 10th, I am sure you felt the rhythm and I hope you felt set free!!  Alcovy Fitness and the Stillermans hosted another successful fundraiser! For two hours we had the water in the pool at the fitness center Rockin’ and Rollin’ …….with Susan’s “Happy” warm up, Kathy’s smooth dance moves and noodle routine, Billy’s Zumba for water, Lorraine’s active beat moves, Billy Mc’s tough performance , and finally James led us in stretching and the Yoga water circle.  All of the attendees donated at least $10 to benefit Emory Healthcare’s Wendy Book Cardiology Fund and Alcovy Fitness generously matched the funds dollar for dollar bringing the total donated on Saturday to $830. Whew! We were all tired, hungry, thirsty, but happy. I am so grateful for Alcovy Fitness, the Aqua Fitness instructors, the Stillermans, the participants, all of those who donated(even if they couldn’t attend), and the dollars that will be put to good use at Emory to support research, patient care, and much more! If you did not get a chance to donate and would like to Click here to go to my personal giving page at Emory.

I Love Aqua Fitness! It is hard for me to believe that there has ever been a time that I didn’t participate in this activity that gives me a workout in which I can burn (or should I say DROWN ) the calories, increase muscle strength and flexibility, build endurance, lower blood pressure,  relieve stress, and reduce anxiety. It can do all of this and do it in a way that is low impact, alleviates pressure on joints, is appealing to all ages, and just plain COOL😎💧.  It is such a huge part of my routine and life. A perfect day for me always includes a day that I get to go to water fitness class in the morning, be in the water swimming, or simply have water fun with family or friends.  The benefits are many.  I love the people in my classes. Everyone seems positive and so supportive of each other. Click here to read about the  Benefits of Aqua Fitness.      Or click here as well 10 Health Benefits of Water Fitness

Lastly, I just want to give another shout out to the Emory Adult Congenital Heart Clinic, Dr. Book, Dr. Jokhadar, and all of the folks who support their work. I’m  fortunate to be alive long enough to find out how much I love water activity.  My challenge to you all is to give water sports and fitness a try(or try again) and……as Dory says… Just Keep Swimming!

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